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'Quick' Sketches
'Quick' Sketches

My Life is currently a bit (much) upside down and I don’t find enough time for drawing.
Days (or weeks?) have gone since I last had used a pencil.
To get a bit practice back into my rotten brain, I made some ‘quick' sketches in Portrait-Style of Sebastian Michaelis (from Black Butler) and Vegeta (from DB) and a fullbody Sketch of Ban (from The seven deadly Sins).
*all rights at the original characters belongs to their creators: Yana Toboso (Sebastian), Akira Toriayama (Vegeta), Nakaba Suzuki (Ban)
References: Screenshots from the animes/ or Pictures from google
Experience: Artist novice-intermediate
Supplies: print paper, mechanical pencil with a 0,5mm B lead,
Time total: around 65 minutes (Sebastian), around 93 Minutes (Vegeta) and around 2 hours 45 Minutes (Ban)

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