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Zabusa Momochi from Naruto
Zabusa Momochi from Naruto

My first attempt at drawing Zabusa Momochi from Naruto. I think he has one of the saddest stories next to Pain and Gaara.
All rights to the original character belong to its creator Masashi Kishimoto
Drawn with HB mechanical pencil, skin tones and a dark blue.
The last picture shows what I used. Unfortunately, the carbon paper smeared something 😰
Working time: 2.5 hours
- Step 1: based on a reference (screenshot of the manga) I created a preliminary drawing with the HB mechanical pencil.
- Step 2: I transferred the preliminary drawing to the 120g drawing paper with carbon paper.
- Step 3: I first colored the skin and hair with the skin colors, then the headband, clothes and sword, and finally I created the background with the dark blue from my old school pencil case.
- Step 4: Signature on it and photos taken

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